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Sexy Tats

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Foot Fetishists? It's good for you.

I read an interesting article about bare feet, foot fetishes, and how going barefoot is actually better for your feet. I think feet are sexy, when a girl has her legs up on my chest, i'm inside of her sliding in and out of her tight wet pussy, I think its the perfect opportunity to suck her toes and lick her feet. I know many share my point of view on this issue, fellas, if you aren't kissing your girls feet, sucking her toes, and giving her foot rubs.. well then guess what. YOU FAIL!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Burning Angel - Adahlia - Sexy Tats

Great tattoo porn sites are few and far between, that's why I was so excited to find Burning Angel. Not only do they have some of the best quality content out there, the hottest girls, the best tattoos, but they are spot on with new updates, always fresh, always keeping me coming back for more. Burning Angel is what an Alt - Goth - Tattoo Porn site should be. It is the future of the niche I promise you.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Naked Tattooed and Piereced Girls

More pierced and tattooed babes over at Punk Girl. Click the pic... you know you wanna see this bitch naked!


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tangent -Exotic Grayscale Backpiece Tattoo

Today's sexy model goes by the name Tangent. She is part of the new glamour girl site AMBYA.COM. I love grayscale tattoo's, Colorful vibrant tattoos are great too, don't get me wrong I just love the intricacy required to make a colorless tattoo pop and stand out against the skin. Very beautiful intricate ink work here, and lest we forget, oh my god what a beautiful canvas to display it on.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008 - Teen Porn

Teen Porn

In my search for more great porn for my viewers I came across this site featuring Teen Porn The site is actually ran by a nice young lady named Dina who is VERY in tune with what us guys are looking for and she has some of the raunchiest and the sexiest galleries I have seen. She also has a
Review section featuring great porn site reviews as well as erotic stories for your reading pleasure. Swing on over to Dina's place and check out her site, you won't be disappointed.

Free Sex Personals - Reviews! Who's got the goods?

I see alot of ads for personals sites online and sometimes I really kinda get a little skeptical. With all the fake profile sites and bullshit on the web its kinda discouraging if your out there, for real, looking for a live human female to shove your cock in on a saturday night. Sometimes it helps to have someone do the testing for you, and I've found a great site that does just that, Adult Sex Personals weeds through all the online dating BS and gives quality links to quality hook up sites where you can get your balls wet on a weekend with some lonely college girl and not jerked around by some outsourced Pakistani webmaster pretending to be a woman.. "You am got penis? I can see it?" Fuck off bro! Don't waste your time guys, swing over to Adult sex personals and get the real deal..unless your into fucking outsourced Pakistani webmasters pretending to be women..then by all means, try it on your own!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Behind the tattoo doors - tatted girls get wild

A friend of mine owns two tattoo shops here locally in Georgia and on many occasions I've sat in his office on a friday or saturday night, sipping tequila from the "medicine cabinet" and scoping all the cute tattooed sweeties that visit his store to hang out, get pierced, get inked. On occasion I've even been invited to watch a nipple piercing or a clit piercing by some very friendly, very freaky girls and I've often thought to myself, you know these girls are probably fucking wildcats in the sack. I mean for one thing, they have a high tolerance for pain (needles, ink, piercings) and another thing is they are proud of their bodies and want to show them off, if you ask me that's a magic combination. In my relentless search for amateur tattooed cuties, never knowing if I'll see a girl I may have helped ink or not, I find a great video or this one..

The site its from, Porn GT, is an amateur upload site. Pretty much any girl not afraid to show her beautiful inked skin can get a little bit of her 15 minutes of fame rolling right there for the world to see. So the next time your in the tattoo parlor and you see a cutie that would make a fun playtoy, let her know.."I'll make ya famous!"


Monday, October 13, 2008

God's Girls - Why does he get the good ones!?

The girls at God's Girls have to be some of the absolutely hottest "Inked" women on the web. A friend of mine owns two tattoo shops here locally and I've begged him to start recruiting these girls, I have to give much respect to anyone who has done so in such a wonderful fashion. If you are into women with tattoos getting naked, and lets be fucking honest, unless you are a pole jockey then you more than likely are, then check out God's Girls like..RIGHT NOW. I'm serious, go there and you will not regret the sex this fucking site oozes. These are the girls that do the things your girl wont..who could resist!?

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